What do I do next?

Simply if you want to buy in let us know here. The  contracts are being handled by the redoubtable Jerry Cobb and his team at FOC and we are handling the rest of it.

The two gites are almost ready to be sold. If you wish to benefit from the €25,000 introductory offer funds will be held in escrow by FOC until all the fractions are sold in your chosen property then the title will be obtained and only then will your funds be released.

Should the last fraction not be sold within 6 months of you entering into the contracts you will have the option to cancel the purchase without penalty or continue with your funds in escrow for a further 6 months. If when they are ready for delivery you are unhappy with what you’re getting or feel we’ve been dishonest about the spec then feel free to pull out.

If you’ve not been here before and wish to view before buying and discuss all this we’d love to meet you but to discourage timewasters & prevent abuse we’ll charge you for your stay and then refund you the money on completion for a stay of up to 2 days (€ 160).

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A company owning the property will be set up in the UK with us as the founders and you will be buying a share of this company. The Company owns the house – the Shareholders own the Company. We will always retain a voting right within the company so as to help should there be any disagreements between owners.

There will be a contract drawn up specifying all the permissions and protocols and there will be yearly site fees of € 1000 plus € 250 sink fund (for future repairs & maintenance etc.) & usage of utilities. These fees cover future problems, taxes, insurance, maintenance, Internet, cleaning & laundry, bed linen and anything you can think of. You will undoubtedly have questions about all this so please refer to the FAQs for that or ask us. You will have access to your property for five weeks every year. Your timetable will be allocated to you in weekly periods according to a rotating schedule (again see FAQs) and will be managed by FOC.  In practice the co-owners eventually end up organizing this amongst themselves as things settle down.