So what exactly am I getting?

Two fully equipped period gites (rhymes with “sheets”- self contained holiday apartments if you will) are being developed in the old Smithy and its hayloft- an annex of the chateau which was built in 1850. The two gites, called Le Cottage & Le Grenier come with their own private terraces and, as long as we are the owners they have guaranteed access to the communal parts of the stunning 15 acre park & grounds where you’ll find deer, boar, red squirrels, a squawkitude of birds, 200 year old trees, a duck pond and countless flowers.


Each gite sleeps 6- 8 people and they’re both heated & fully equipped. Please click through to see them in more detail. Each gite will be sold to 10 different owners under a Fractional Ownership scheme run by FOC in Guernsey who have over 10 years experience with this. You will own a tenth fraction of the gite you opt for. This fraction will be yours to do with as you wish. For those unfamiliar with Fractional Ownership (very different from Time Share) please click here  or check out our brief description.

Our Fractions comprise usage of 5 weeks per annum. Statistically this is the normal amount of holiday time people spend in their holiday homes per year so why pay full purchase price and maintenance for the other weeks of the year you are unable to use the property?

You’ll probably have lots of questions (we did) and we’ll try and anticipate those in the FAQ’s section but actually it’s pretty simple.