Below are a few films that people have made using the Chateau, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. They give you an idea of the place and much fun was had by all..


A short film of the Chateau by Rinkie Bartels:

(thanks Rinkie xxx)

The indefatiguable (except when he’s fatiguable)  Tony Wadham’s charming reportage of our last art Expo….




(and the promo flyer they made using our deckchairs…)




Tony made this with Pippa Darbyshire & Henrietta Hale for the French based group La Bonne Heure, they’re brilliant and amazing live too, It’s called The Waltz (like any other waltz….. a 3/4 waltz……etc.)



There’s a band version too filmed in our Gite Grenier while we were building it



Tony’s video for “Had my time again”. Featuring Jules Maxwell. That prison cell & guard look a tad familiar….