Fractional Ownership, what is it exactly?

This is a form of partial ownership which allows several unconnected buyers to share ownership of a specific property – normally in a holiday resort, residential building or private members’ club. If the property appreciates in value then so does each owner’s share.

Benefits of Fractional Ownership for Buyers

  • The fractions are priced in line with the local property market without the mark-ups associated with timeshare.
  • Give easy access to an affordable high quality home.
  • Minimal running costs as they are equally shared with the other owners.
  • Allow a second home where the property maintenance & local costs are professionally managed.

This Fractional Ownership project is being managed by Jerry Cobb & his team at FOC based in Guernsey.

Our Fractions comprise usage of 5 weeks a year. Statistically this is the normal amount of holiday time people are able to spend in their holiday homes per year so why pay full purchase price and maintenance for all the other weeks of the year you are unable to use the property?