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Fr : +33 678 740687 Nl : +31 653 771441

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Gite Grenier


The Gite Grenier is situated in the old hayloft above the Gite Cottage. It measures approximately 9m x 12m (see the surveyors drawing for exact measurements) and was built in 1850 and has barely been touched since then. Currently under construction the huge chestnut wood beams have all been left as they are and the wooden walls have been constructed around them. It comprises an open plan kitchen and living space; a bathroom with toilet, shower and wooden plunge bath and 2 bedrooms both big enough to sleep 3 plus the living room will have a sofa bed. The space above the bedroom ceilings is a room in itself, a “vide” if you will.

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Access to The Grenier is via stairs next to the building. It’s hard to describe how lovely this space really is, vast beams, huge space high ceilings and white washed walls build from reclaimed wood with period fittings etc. it’s completely unique. At time of writing we’re still waiting to decide which furnishings we’ll use but it will of course be fully equipped and the kitchen will be great. Parking very nearby and there’s access to a private terrace (as well as the park of course). All utilities will be metered so you only pay for what you use.

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Stairs to Grenier

Stairs to Grenier