Site Fees

Total Fixed costs € 1250 per year.

Yearly Site Fees will be  €1000 + utilities usage. As per normal site fees they will of course fluctuate slightly depending on the national economy. They will be reassessed annually to reflect market changes. The Site Fees include general maintenance, insurances, taxes, fractional ownership management, Internet, laundry costs, bed linen, 5 x cleaning (two hours) and the Sink Fund of € 250.

Variable costs

Utilities Usage. These are the electricity, gas and water etc. You will be charged for what you use. Any extra cleaning time necessary above the 5 x 2 hours will be charged.

Sink Fund of €250, this is included in fixed costs

This is a pot that everyone puts into each year to cover general wear & tear, investments and improvements etc.  e.g. a new washing machine, repainting a room, buying an original Klimt  etc. etc. obviously this is non refundable if you sell your fraction.

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