Why Picardie?

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a place in France why spend two days travelling down to the South or Brittany when you could finish work in London on a Friday afternoon and be eating in delightful St. Valery sur Somme that same evening? Spending a weekend away in your own French Chateau is a real possibility.

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Picardie is arguably one of the prettiest and most easily accessible parts of France. We invite you to explore it from the Chateau which is perfectly placed for the purpose. We’ve been here three years and we still love discovering the place.  St. Valery & the Baie de Somme (click here for more Somme info)  are fast becoming the destinations of choice for holidaymakers. The weather here is better than the UK (compare Kent & Amiens here )   There are endless horizons, forests, beaches, nature reserves, vertiginous cliffs, ancient towns, brocante markets, golf courses, fishing, history,  restaurants and gorgeous countryside.  All making Picardie the ideal place to have a holiday home. With holiday time and money at such a premium why waste it travelling to the south when all this is so near?  The Chateau des Lys is currently run as a Chambre d’hôtes (think glorified B&B) and as of 27 August 2015 it was voted the number 1 hotel out of 229 in Picardie on Trip Advisor. We don’t know how long that position will last but we’re happy to have at least held it and trumpet the fact that this is a brilliant place to be.