Your own Gite in the Chateau

Own a part of a French Chateau
With a strong pound property in France has never been more attractive but to own a fraction of a real French chateau nestling on the Somme estuary in beautiful Picardie is something truly special.

To own a fraction of a Gite (which translates as holiday apartment or house) in a period Chateau only 100 km south of Calais, something that is yours to do with as you will, to sell or keep, what’s the catch?

We don’t think there is one.  Why waste valuable holiday time and money driving further south when the whole delightful French holiday experience is practically on your doorstep?

We’re selling two charming period holiday gites under a Fractional Ownership scheme. Both gites will be sold in ten fractions. This isn’t time share. You and your family will part own this stunning property forever and you can use it five weeks every year.

To repeat it, and emphasise the distinction, this isn’t time share- the underlying asset – the free hold of the house is owned by a company in the UK – and you will part own 1/10th of the company if you buy one fraction.

This is a unique opportunity to own part of a real chateau in France and at  25.000 euros, or two fractions for €45.000, we’ve priced them so low that we think they’ll be irresistible.  The two fully equipped beautifully appointed period gites sleeping 6- 8 people each are fashioned from the gorgeous old chateau Smithy and the first low priced fractions of these gites are on sale now.

We use the word “unique” because as far as we know no one has attempted this sort of thing before with a chateau in northern France and early interest implies demand will be high.