The villagers

Redstart in the garden today, first time I’ve ever seen one, except I didn’t see it, Margreeth did. Endless painting and repairs but enjoying all of it, nearly got killed by a cupboard yesterday, the er… “customised transport mechanism” previously engineered to position it in front of a dirty door had had it’s day. Glad it was me and not a punter. Getting lots of dates fully booked, faster than we’d expected, Nl websites come online this week. Missing my friends but the villagers are lovely.

Met the local lumberjack lady yesterday, she’ll deliver 15 sheep in a few weeks- we didn’t know we needed them but I think she splits timber with her bare hands so “Baaa” in french. We also learned that the villagers used to commune at our cross in the garden in days gone by, which is lovely. Apropos of nothing Artichokes are 60 cents each here at the moment, my favourite food right now along with Duck, also fresh roquefort & fresh pineapple together in a baguette is very simple and very worth trying. next time with basil for fun. Also chaource cheese & truffel oil. Very nice. Back to work, thanks for joining everyone. We’ve just learned how the news letter works so this weekend we’ll try and send one out. Joe covered in mud from quad biking at the neighbours, bye bye

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